Uneven Skin Texture
Skin can become rough, bumpy and uneven in texture for many reasons -- A build up of dead skin cells on the surface, skin conditions (like Eczema or Rosacea), over stripping the skin, scarring on the skin surface, and blocked pores.
Skincare and Treatments that help with hydrating, repairing the barrier and gently exfoliating the skin surface will help with an uneven skin texture. Keeping the lipid barrier intact is very important for skin health especially with a compromised skin barrier in inflammatory skin conditions. 
  • DMK Enzyme Facial - Works with the skin's natural chemistry and function. Focusing on a healthy skin barrier, smoother and brighter skin complexion. Great for all skin conditions, Find out more
  • Skin Peels - Our gentle and effective peels will help smooth skin texture, reduce fine lines and brighten skin tone. Find out more
  • Microneedling - Works by putting the skin in a controlled wound healing state which helps with the texture of the skin by  plumping, smoothing and reducing pore size. Find out more
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A masque that works with function of the skin's chemistry. Helps smooth and brighten the skin as well as look after skin barrier.   
Read more.
An night time creamwith Vitamin A. Helps smooth skin and lighten any discolouration.        Read more
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A healing Gel to help heal repair skin barrier and take down inflammation. Read more
A Cleansing cream to help keep skin barrier healthy and hydrate. Preps the skin for what you are putting on next. Read more
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Glycolic acid and retinol work to smooth and exfoliate skin overnight. Helping brighten dull skin and give even texture. Read more
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Can be used in 2 ways as an exfoliator or a treatment masque. For thickened skin that isn't dry. Read more
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