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DMK At - Home Enzyme Kit

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The DMK Enzyme Lift & Renew is specifically formulated for those experiencing Acne, Rosacea, Signs of aging and environmental damage and want noticeable results. 

This Kit providers 5 - 6 treatments for face,neck and chest.

FOAMY LIFT and EXODERMA PEEL provides superior exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and sloughing-off layers of build-up.

Along with revealing a fresh, glowing complexion, DMK’s exclusive messenger enzymes help to remove toxins, fight free-radicals and nourish skin cells

DMK Enzyme Kit Includes:

  • Deep Pore Pure Cleanser 

  • Foamy Lift Masque

  • Exoderma Peel

  • Premium Mask Brush 

  • Mixing Bowl

  • Head Band

Directions of use:

1. Add a pea sized amount of cleanser to the bowl provided.

2. Mix cleanser with warm water.

3. Cleanse skin over the sink using the DMK brush in circular motions all over the face.

4. Wipe away the cleanser with a warm towel or flannel

5. The guide is to mix 2 tablespoon of Foamy Lift powder to 1 tablespoon of the Exoderma Peel Gel - (I like to give the visual of custard - not too thin not too thick!) Use your mixing bowl and brush (I use the opposite end to the brush to mix).

6. Start at the neck and perform upward movements, on the centre of the face the movements are outward and forehead upwards (don't worry if you get this wrong - it's best if you work from the neck upwards though).

7. Wait 30- 45 mins for the product to dry, it might feel like a long time, but it's worth it! Your skin will feel tight and dry, you may feel a slight pulsing - this is normal so don't panic. Try to relax, maybe pop on a candle and read a book, listen to music or use it as mediation time.

8. After 30-45 mins I like to apply a damp cloth to help crack the tension in the mask, then use your normal cleanser to soften the mask. I like to use the brush to work my cleanser in, just make sure it's clean. I then finish with a wet cloth or just water - be aware that you will need to do around three repeats of the above step to fully remove the mask.

Once the mask is removed completely your skin will feel amazing, it may be a little pink from the removal and also from the increased blood circulation that has been stimulated, but that's normal and will subside.

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