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Retinal Active Night Cream contains retinaldehyde, which is the most skin-compatible and strongest form of Vitamin A currently available without a prescription. This powerhouse formulation effectively reduces wrinkles, helps with skin tone, pigmentation and tightens sagging skin at the same time as being gentle enough for daily night time use. 



  • Delivers the most active form of Vitamin A without a prescription
  • Reduces the risk of retinoid reaction
  • Regulated healthy cell renewal
  • Aims to reverse the appearance of deep wrinkles, scars, and atrophy
  • Targets and treats bacterial proliferation
  • Strengthens and supports normalized function


Directions of use:

Use in the evening on cleansed dry skin. Apply 1-2 pumps and massage in. Start with using every third evening for 2 weeks to build up skin tolerence then go on to use every evening. 


DP Retinal Active Night Cream


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