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Your Best Skin With DMK Enzyme Skin Therapy

Here at The Skin Studios in Hove and Brighton we are extremely passionate about skin and helping men and women feel as confident as they can at any age.

We are always on the look out for new skincare and treatments that have REAL results not just good marketing and hype. We want to see REAL evidence of life changing effects that they can have on the skin.

This is when we found Danne Montague King ( DMK) Skincare and we were truly blown away with the results this range had on chronic skin conditions and ageing skin.

The DMK Enzyme therapy Facial will restore your skin to its peak condition – but more importantly, it will detoxify your skin, using your own lymphatic system, and then kickstart it’s optimal functioning for LONG TERM results!!

The DMK Enzyme Facials create visible oxygenation in the skin, exercises facial muscles and leave the skin feeling firm.

This treatment is very safe and can also be done during pregnancy and nursing stages.

For all skin concerns and conditions including:


Sun Damage




Sagging Skin

To make a booking for this Facial Treatment you can BOOK HERE or for more information call us on 07730461724.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Skin Studio here in Brighton and Hove.

The Skin Studios Hove

Juliet x

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