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The 5 Best Ways To Prevent Wrinkles - Starting NOW

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5 Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

Now more than ever, people are trying to get ahead start on preventing wrinkles and premature ageing at an earlier age.

By starting a good skincare routine and eating well, you’ll get a big payoff in years to come with plumper more youthful complexion that shows fewer lines, wrinkles and brown spots.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your skin staying youthful for longer:

1 - Wear a DAILY Sun Protector! The sun is out 365 days of the year even through Winter and grey cloudy days. Daylight (even when coming through windows) are causing a considerable amount of DNA damage to your skin without you even realising it. Adding in a morning Sun Protector either on its own or added into a moisturiser is the most effective way to prevent early skin ageing and wrinkles appearing.

2 - Treat your NECK and DECOLLETE ... When treating your face always take the products down to your neck and chest area. This is often missed but to keep the skin looking good and ageing less always use your skincare on these areas including Sun Protector.

3 - Get a good EYE CREAM... Keeping the eye area hydrated and nourished is key for preventing premature lines and wrinkles. It’s important to know that eye creams don’t need to be heavy and greasy to work. Its about the ingredients giving your skin what it needs. Our favourites to look out for in eye creams are; Vitamin C, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, low level Retinol and Plant Stem Cells.

4 - Use an evening RETINOL or another form of Vitamin A. Hands down the most effective topical anti-ageing ingredient is Vitamin A. There are many derivatives of Vitamin A, the most common being Retinol or Retinoid. If you’ve never used a Vitamin A product before, you should really start using a non-prescription Retinol product, start on a very LOW % and ease it into your evening skincare routine. The idea is that you’re getting ahead of wrinkles by using preventative skincare, and consistency is almost always more important than potency.

5 - Don't over DRY your skin.... There are so many products out there that need to be used with care. You don’t want to be putting the skin in an unhealthy state by over exfoliating or using harsh drying products. Dry, damaged skin is more prone to developing early signs of visible ageing.

Go back to basics and come off anything that makes your skin feel dry for a few weeks, then reintroduce it back in using it as a minimal maybe once a week. Start rebuilding the lipid barrier (moisture barrier) of your skin back up by adding more EFA's into your diet ( food sources HERE) or get a supplement form (we love EFA+), drinking more water and using a serum and moisturiser that will help lock in moisture and keep the skin supple.

I hope this has given you an idea of new things you could start doing to prevent premature skin ageing and reduce the effects that the environment has on your skin.

If you have any questions please contact us HERE.

Juliet x

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