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Suffering With Pigmentation?

Updated: Apr 5

Are you concerned with Pigmentation on your skin? Let me introduce you to Melanotech Drops from DMK skincare line. These drops are not just any ordinary skincare product; they're a powerhouse designed to tackle stubborn pigmentation from sun damage to acne marks.

Melanotech Drops work as a tone balancer to brighten the surface of your skin and inhibit melanin formation. That means if you're dealing with hyper-pigmentation of any sort from melasma, sun damage, acne, or even rosacea, these drops have got your back and go to work immediately upon application to reduce dark spots on the skin.

Our skin is constantly under attack from free radical damage, Melanotech Drops have antioxidant properties to fight these off and protect your skin from oxidative stress. They also have antimicrobial, purifying, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, reducing redness and inflammation.

Melanotech Drops are the real deal and can be used daily on skin that is presenting with acne, pigmentation and rosacea. leaving your skin bright, even toned and smooth!


Apply morning and night to cleansed skin before your serums and mists for the best results. Recommended alongside Melanotech Crème and Super Bright.

Checkout Melanotech Drops HERE

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