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Solutions For Enlarged Pores & Oily Skin!

Oily skin and enlarged pores often coexist together. When oil collects in the pore and combines with dirt or makeup, the pore can become blocked. This blockage over time can then stretch the pore, making it look bigger

Here at The Skin Studios we've got just the right solutions to help minimise the look of enlarged stretched pores and help regulate excess oil production.

Let's get into our two favourite products for doing this -

DMK Deep Pore Cleanser

The Ultimate Pore Purifier

Our pH-balanced foamy DMK cleanser gets to work without stripping your skin, removing makeup, dirt, and impurities, leaving your pores clean and clear. 

Formulated with botanical ingredients and free from parabens, this cleanser maintains your skin's natural balance while combating microbes and excess oiliness. 

Whether you're dealing with oiliness, enlarged pores, mild congestion or occasional breakouts, this cleanser is your go to solution, offering a refreshing cleanse without overdying.

DMK Pore Reduction Plus

Minimise the look of enlarged pores 

The Pore Reduction Plus is an ionised solution that carries herbal properties into the skin without using electrical modalities. The solution helps to clear the pores and allows them to refine naturally, minimising the appearance of enlarged pores.

If you are getting breakouts or inflammation is a concern, rest assured that this oil is gentle yet effective, catering to even the most sensitive skin types.

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Juliet x

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