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Gua Sha Massage
Signature Sculpt Facial
At The Skin Studios we use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process leaving your skin glowing sculpted and youthful. 
These treatments are for those looking for a surgery-free alternative to tone, tighten facial muscles and brighten your complexion.​

Signature Sculpt Facial

The Signature Sculpt is an intensive facial massage combining Japanese Face massage, Gua Sha Precision Sculpting, Lymphatic drainage. 
This treatment will target sagging skin, loss of muscle firmness, under eye bags and dullness. Lymphatic drainage will help with fluid build up and expel any toxins from the skin.
Our cryo ice globes will help with puffiness and Gua Sha tools will help with lines, wrinkles and stimulation of collagen. All of this will boost blood circulation and oxygenate this skin tissues.
The Skin is brighter, cheekbones are emphasised, face looks lifted, contoured, and muscle tension in jaw, forehead and scalp is gone. 
Treatment Time: 65 Minutes  |  £75
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