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Treating Scarred Skin
There are a number of different types of scars that can form on the skin. We typically treat scarring from acne, which includes pigmented post inflammatory marks, and indentations left in the skin.
Our aim is to stimulate new collagen formation in the scarred area and rebuild the skin by plumping it with different modalities. We also offer treatments that help lighten scarring. 
  • Microneedling - Stimulates new collagen formation and rebuilds skin structure reducing the look of scarring.  Find out more
  • DMK Enzyme Therapy  - Our gold star treatments for Acne and scarring. Working with the skin's own chemistry and under lying structure, flushing toxins, as well as exfoliating and smoothing skin texture. Find out more
  • Skin Peels  - Helping lighten pigmented post inflammatory scarring from Acne or other skin traumas. Find out more
beta gel.webp
A healing Gel to help heal repair and take down inflammation. Read more
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Enzyme Masque great for post inflammatory scarring from Acne.
Read more
Vitamin A exfoliating cream, to help smooth skin texture and lighten pigmented scarring. 
 Read more
Direct Vitamin C.webp
A Vitamin C serum is designed to help new collagen formation.
 Read more
If you would like to talk to us more about your specific skin concern please contact us.
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