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What's The Best Order To Apply Skincare?

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Knowing which order to apply your skincare can be confusing but is essential if you want to get the best from your products.

If you are layering your products at home an easy way to think of how to layer is to always start with the lightest or thinnest and work your way through to the heavier or thicker consistency products.

Here is a break down of the best way to use your products:


The first step of your regime should always be Cleansing, this can often be over looked but is a key part in prepping your skin for the next product.

Cleansing at night removes any sunscreen, makeup, dirt or environmental pollution that has built up over the day. Double cleanse if you’ve had heavy makeup on.

Overnight your skin undergoes repair and regeneration, with sweat and bacteria coming into play, always cleanse your skin first thing with some warm water to get the skin ready for the day.


Straight after Cleansing is the perfect time to get rid of those surface dead skin cells, and smooth skin texture.

Apply in circular motions with a little water if the product is stiff so it doesn't drag on the skin to much.


Once or Twice a week is always a good time to do a Treatment Mask, It works well after exfoliating or Cleansing. I like to do it mid week or on a Sunday night with a little glass of vino.


After your skin has been prepped or treated to a mask now is the best time to apply your Serum. Serums are lightweight and contain a high concentration of active ingredients to target specific skin concerns. As some Serums can move a little in the skin avoid using to close to the eyes if you are sensitive.


Tap your eye area gently on temples, under eyes and under brow bone, you can also do a little draining massage and pressure point with index fingers to take down puffiness.


Always hydrate even if you skin gets breakouts. Hydrated skin is essential for good skin function. Dehydration often leads to the skin aging quicker, developing more wrinkles and leaving your complexion looking dull and lifeless.


This only obviously applies to your morning regime. Absolute must to prevent premature aging and collagen breakdown in Summer months at least a factor 30.

In Winter months it can often be over looked, but is still important and should be applied every day of the year, if its light outside even in colder months the UV rays are out.

A factor 15 is perfectly fine in England in our colder months.

I hope this helps you get the best out of your skincare. If you have any questions please email me HERE.

Juliet x

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