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2 Must Have Ingredients To Keep Skin Youthful

Updated: Apr 22

We are all about ageing well at The Skin Studios.

Looking as good as you can and most importantly helping you feel as confident as you can in your own skin.

There are 2 Queen ingredients that we are obsessed with at The Skin Studios. Both of them used in a daily skincare regime really help keep your skin nourished, hydrated and supple.

They are Vitamin C and Vitamin A

Vitamin C - When used daily can help nourish, brighten, stimulate collagen production and protect us against some elements of free radical damage.

This is because of the antioxidants properties Vitamin C can have. This antioxidant protection can help prevent premature ageing free radicals can have on the skin and is a brilliant ingredient to look out for in skincare.

It is best to use Vitamin C in the morning under your SPF.

Some of our Favourite Vitamin C serums:

DMK Direct delivery Vitamin C -

IMAGE Skincare -

Vitamin A - There are many derivatives of Vitamin A as it is such a popular anti ageing ingredient.

The most common forms are Retinol, Retinoids and Retinoic acid.

When used correctly the effects on the skin are incredible from lightening pigmentation to smoothing out skin texture to reducing the look of lines and wrinkles.

When using this ingredient in a product you must be cautious, over using too soon can cause a reaction because the main aim with Vitamin A is to speed up cell turnover.

Cell turnover is great for ageing skin as our natural desquamation can slow down as we get older, but over using too soon can cause red spots and sensitivity to appear.

Don't fear though if you follow our guide lines correctly you will see amazing results.

What you need to do is start using in the evening gradually and introduce your skin to it like a new friend.

This is how we recommend starting out after you get your first Vitamin A based product:

Week 1 - Use once a week

Week 2 - Twice a week at opposite ends

Week 3 - Three times a week

Week 4 - Four times a week

Week 5 - Five times a week

Week 6 - Every night ( only if the % is below 1.5 if not stick to every other night)

Our favourite Vitamin A derived Serums and Lotions:

We also do stock a few of these products in the Studio in central Hove if you would like to come in and chat with us.

We hope this post was helpful, if you do have any questions please contact us HERE.

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