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Hydrating Facials
We use products and techniques designed to reduce dryness and tackle dehydration


Our Hydrating Facials will Leave your skin supple, nourished bright and fresh.

Our Hydrating Facials Are Ideal for:

  • Dry & Dehydrated Skin

  • Dull Complexion

  • Rough Texture​

  • Skin Tightness

  • Stressed Skin

Hydrate & Glow 

Beginning with a deep cleanse and steaming exfoliation to promote cell renewal which also removes dead dry skin cells from the surface.​​We then move to a nourishing massage which increases circulation to hydrate and brighten the skin.​ The skin is then cocooned in a lipid rich mask which infuses the skin with Hyaluronic Acid.​ The skin is left plump, nourished and hydrated, giving you supple, dewy glow.
Treatment Time: 65 Minutes  |  £75

Hydrate & Glow PLUS 

Beginning with a deep back cleanse and exfoliation to clear and re-energise the body.​Followed by a relaxing massage to release tight back muscles and increase circulation.​ Onto the face next, we use a deep cleanse and steaming exfoliation, to stimulate cell renewal and brighten your complexion. Moving into an invigorating facial massage to reawaken the skin and promote circulation.
Afterwards, a Hyaluronic Acid infused tailored face mask, nourishes the skin for quality and smoothness.Leaving you with a plump nourished and dewy complexion
Treatment Time: 85 Minutes  |  £89
Facial Add Ons: 

LED Light Therapy - 30 Mins £30
Collagen Eye Pads - 15 Mins £10
Head Massage - 20 Mins £25
Lymphatic Drainage with Cryo Globes - 15 Mins £15
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