The MAX Stem Cell Moisturizer

The MAX Stem Cell Moisturizer


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The MAX cream incorporates two different strains of plant-derived stem cells in one revolutionary formula to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing.


This product repairs cell damage, protects against free radical damage and recreates the extracellular matrix to maintain a healthy structure of the skin.


Brilliant for: concerns with aging, dehydrated and dry skin.


Skin Benefits:

  • Break-through combination of different plant-derived stem cells
  • Prevention of cell damage
  • Compromised skin due to environmental damage    Reduces wrinkles due to facial expression
  • Relaxes crows feet


Key Ingredients:

  • Stem Cell Technology:
  • 1. Apple stem cells
  • 2. Leontopodium stem cells​​​​​​​


Directions of use:

Apply and massage into skin after cleansing. 

Can be used every day and night for maximum benefits.


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