Retinol 6TR Advanced 0.6% Vitamin A Serum

Retinol 6TR Advanced 0.6% Vitamin A Serum

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Formulated with 0.6% retinol this product is perfect for those who have already been using retinol in their regime and are looking for a higher strength.


Vitamin A improves skin texture, skin tone and helps the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using Time Release Technology, retinol is delivered gradually into the deeper layers of the skin throughout the night to ensure results without irritating skin. 


Skin Benefits:

  • Reduces wrinkles and lines
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Evens skin tone
  • Formulated with encapsulated retinol to enhance stability
  • Leaves skin soft and hydrating


Key Ingredients:

  • 0.6% Retinol – Pure vitamin A helps to boost collagen levels and enhance the skin’s natural regenerative cycle leaving skin looking even-toned and youthful
  • Vitamin E – An oil-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E can quench free radicals on the skin while stabilising retinol for optimal power


Directions of Use:

After cleansing in the evening, massage 4 drops of Retinol 3TR across the face, neck and décolletage

Please Note: Retinol application should be phased in gradually to the skin.

  • Use twice a week for the first 2 weeks, every other night for the next 2 weeks, then every night.

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