The Glowing Green Skin Smoothie

Updated: Jun 18

The Glowing Green Smoothie. The Skin Studios Hove

At The Skin Studios Hove we believe in treating skin as a whole, not just topically with skin care and Facials but treating and healing internally too.

Everything we do, use, eat, drink and how we manage stress will have an impact on our skin. Its all linked!!

If you are one of my lovely Clients in Hove you will know how much I love Smoothies and the effect they can have on your skin if you are consistent and have them regularly.

This is one of my absolute favourite Smoothie Recipes!!

I found the effects of having it a few times a week remarkable on my skin, gut health, hair, energy and mental focus.

I really recommend you try this blend and batch it at the beginning of each week.

The Recipe

> 2 Cups Of Water

> Handful of Spinach

> Teaspoon of Coconut oil

> Juice of 1/2 a Lemon

> 3 Celery sticks

> 1 Banana

> 1 Pear

> 1 Apple

> Chunk of Ginger

I use a Nutri-bullet which is simple and easy but any blender you have will do. I put water in first then everything else in and blend away.

To Batch Make For The Week:

> Get 7 little bags, cut up everything and divide into 7 days, put everything into the little bags and freeze.

> Each day when you wake up put water in the blender and throw in the everything the bag.

Happy Smoothie making :-)

Juliet x

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