NEW Hygienic Waxing System Is Here!

We are excited to now offer waxing treatments with our new hygienic waxing system from Australian Bodycare.

This new waxing system uses disposable soft waxing applicators which will be thrown away after each client and waxing tubes allowing us to not be back and forth to the waxing pot.

The new wax we will be using is a tea tree creme wax which is soft and non-sticky and has antiseptic properties to promote skin healing. We will be using this wax for Legs, Arms, Backs, Underarms, Bikini Line (unless hot wax is preferred).

We also have Honey wax for anyone allergic to tea tree wax.


  • Hygienic

  • Disposable waxing applicator heads

  • Each client has a new wax dispenser which is individually wrapped

  • Soft, even application of wax on the skin with no dragging on the skin

  • Soft, non-sticky wax

  • Wax suits all skin types

  • Areas we will be using new wax - Legs, Arms, Backs, Under arms and Bikini line unless Hot Wax is preferred.

We LOVE this new waxing system because it glides on the skin, hygienic and is effective to use.

You will love it because its non sticky and is a softer comfortable wax and is suitable for all hair types even very stubborn hair.

If you would like to book a treatment with our new wax system you can online HERE.

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