Medik8 Skincare Has Landed!!

Updated: Jun 18

We are so excited to announce we are launching Medik8 Skincare Line on our online shop this week!

Our aim is always to pick out the best skincare with amazing results and have it part of The Skin Studios.

We have loved Medik8 Vitamin A and Vitamin C derived products for a long time and what it can do for the skin.

So a little about Medik8 and what makes this line special ......

Medik8 is a British anti-ageing brand that thinks like a natural brand. They have always believed in 'green chemistry', and with growing understanding of the severity of the pollution crisis, now is the time they have pushed this to new heights.

Medik8 have incorporated Post Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR) into there bottles, use 40% recycled glass, never test on animals, do not use pure palm oil in any of products, and all formulas are 100% vegan-friendly.

Medik8 are also 100% microbead-free and have been for years. Instead of using plastic beads in there products like many others do which are damaging to marine life, they only use natural exfoliators such as jojoba beads found in and bamboo micro-exfoliators.

In 2018 Medik8 removed all plastic inserts from there cartons and replaced them with 100% recycled card, making the cartons completely recyclable. This saves over 3 tonnes of plastic every year!!

About Medik8 Formulas...

Medik8 believe the secret to healthy and beautiful skin for life is as easy as vitamin C plus sunscreen by day and vitamin A by night. This straightforward strategy is clinically proven to deliver results you can see as well as feel.

At Medik8 this is known as the CSA Philosophy.


Well formulated, stabilised vitamin C provides all-important antioxidant protection as well as stimulating collagen production and inhibiting the development of pigmentation for smoother and brighter skin. Applying vitamin C in the morning is like a shield for your skin protecting it against everyday environmental factors which can cause skin ageing. Check out Medik8 Vitamin C range HERE.


It is estimated that 80% of skin ageing is caused by the sun. Sadly, skin damage caused by the sun doesn’t only happen when it’s sunny. If it is light out, it means the sun’s rays can still reach you. Even on a cloudy day, you will still get approximately 50% of UV reaching your skin. Wearing sun protection every day is fundamental for a youthful complexion.

Medik8 have a range of light but powerful sunscreens that protect and nourish the skin. Medik8 sunscreens do not feel sticky and greasy or heavy on the skin thats why they are suitable for all skins. You can check out the Sunscreens HERE.


As the Experts in Vitamin A (aka retinol), Medik8 has developed a wide range of night creams and serums to rejuvenate skin while you sleep. Vitamin A is quite simply the most important ingredient in anti-ageing skincare. It has a wealth of skin benefits including speeding up cellular renewal and reducing sebum production. It is crucial that Vitamin A is stabilised and has some form of controlled-release to ensure maximum potency with minimal irritation. All Vitamin A products from Medik8 need to be introduced to the skin gradually over a 4 week period, working up to using it every night for the best results! Check out the range HERE.

If you have any questions about this range then please contact us HERE.

Juliet x

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