How Often Should I Get A Facial?

Updated: Jun 18

Signature Facial At The Skin Studios Hove

"How often should I get a facial?"

This is one of the most common questions we get asked at The Skin Studios, and it really is different for every skin!

It depends on what skin concerns and conditions you are dealing with or if you would like general skincare maintenance.

Are you concerned about a specific skin condition, like Acne, Rosacea or Pigmentation?

In this case we recommend a treatment once a week to help reduce and get the specific concern under control.

After this initial treatment program a maintenance schedule can be made to suit your skin needs which is usually every 4 -6 weeks.

Are you looking for more general skincare maintenance to keep your skin looking as good as it can?

A general maintenance plan can be made to suit your skin needs.

This type of Facial will keep your skin clean, clear, and toned.

Having one every 4 to 6 weeks will help you maintain that beautiful glow. Not only will your monthly facial deeply cleanse your skin and free it of toxins, but it will stimulate the exfoliation process.

This deep exfoliation is necessary for skin to appear more toned and youthful, plus it allows the products to penetrate into the skin and work their magic.

These regularly scheduled Facials don’t have to be complicated or crazy expensive.

We believe keeping it basic and simple, as this is a great place to start with skincare.

Sharing our knowledge with you on how to get your skin looking as good as it can is the focus.

Once we get the basics right, we build from there.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Skin Studios in Hove.

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