Hot Wax or Strip Wax, What's the difference?

Have you ever wanted to know the difference between Strip wax and Hot Wax?

Strip wax is a runny wax applied in a thin layer over the hair on your face or body.

The hair is then immediately removed with a disposable strip pressed against it and quickly peeled off.

Here at the Skin Studios Hove we love using The Clean & Easy Waxing System it is always used for areas like legs, arms and back.

It’s generally better for thicker or less sensitive skin as it grips strongly to both the hair and skin.

Hot Wax is typically thicker in the pot and is applied thickly too.

Like with strip wax, it's applied over the hair using a disposable wooden spatula stick. Over the next 10 seconds or so, the wax will harden slightly and then peeled away at one of the corners.

So no wax strips are used at all.

Lycon Hot Wax is the wax of choice at The Skin Studios for Bikini, Hollywood and Brazilian waxes.

Also used in underarm wax and facial waxing too.

As this wax only grips to the hair, not the skin making it is much more comfortable and effective for sensitive areas with stubborn hair.

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