A Little Snippet Of Electrolysis Hair Removal.

Updated: Jun 18

Facial hair can be such a pain for so many of us and can appear out of the blue in different stages of our lives.

Throughout our life there is always fluctuations of different hormones, which can stimulate facial hair and usually presents itself around the lower face, neck and decollete.

Electrolysis works on all types of prominent facial hair and is a great solution for so many women.

Electrolysis works by inserting a very tiny needle into each hair follicle which releases heat and weakens the hair bulb, the hair shaft then slips out gently. The hair regrowth will then get thinner and weaker each time until eventually the hair doesn't come back at all.

As each hair is in a different hair growth stage in its cycle we recommend a treatment every week or 2 weeks. We offer courses between 6 and 12 or you can pay as you go.

After the first few treatments you will start to see a difference and treatments can be spread over 3 - 4 weeks apart.

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